Solo exhibition In the Echo Zone/Draakon Gallery, Tallinn 2015/ Sur la Montagne, Berlin 2016

In her previous exhibition „Château One’s Heart” (2013 / Tallinn, London) Maria Ader tossed around with sentiments about hurting and the inevitability of suffering of the human soul, staging an epicenter of an emotional meltdown. “In The Echo Zone” reflects those feelings out of that room, to let them escape into the wilderness, where space disappears and all that is left, is the infinite echo of what has ever been. This tropical noise of the echoes envelopes dangers, unease and paranoia, but its perpetual rhythm creates a state of jazzy trance instead: the screams become wild trumpet solos and the pain of silence turns into a magic play of sound and colours.
Both the quiet spell and the deafening discords disappear in this bittersweet swirl, to reveal that everything is mortal.

Photos: Teele Putnik 

© Copyright Maria Ader