Food designers often create work that could be challenging to catagorize.
Due to the nature of works created under the umbrella of food design, we can often observe characteristical morphosis between fine, interactive and sculptural art when we are exposed to them. Works of this manner can appear to be both life like and in stasis: it depends when the observer / participant chooses to accept they have experienced something.

Maria Ader is a multidisciplinary artist based in Tallinn, Estonia. 
Whilst she has received a formal education in painting, in recent years she has turned her focus to the world of food design where by embracing new mediums and diverse techniques she now creates non-traditional eating experiences that blur the lines between sculpture, contemporay design and food.  

After 5 years of running Bakerman and then Curated by Bakerman, Maria decided to form her own food design studio where food installations are created and shared in both familiar and experimental settings. Maria Ader Studio now serves to provide design solutions, event production, installations and food design for both private and corporate events locally and overseas. 

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